TKS Industries 9 Wire Cutting and Stripping Machines 9 Pneumatic Cable Stripping Machine

Pneumatic Cable Stripping Machine

Enhance Efficiency with Our Pneumatic Cable Stripping Machine

Discover latest cable stripping technology with TKS Industries Pneumatic Cable Stripping Machine. Engineered for agility and ease of operation, this machine is driven by pneumatic control, offering a lightweight solution with seamless functionality.

Key Features:
1. Pneumatic control, light and agile, easy operation.
2. Unique sliding seat, smooth reciprocating stroke, precise cutting and peeling.
3. Adjustable results, adjusted according to wire thickness.
4. Applicable to AC / DC power cord, computer cord, electronic wire, multi-core cable, special wire.

Power supply AC 220V 50/60HZ
Cable outer diameter Max. 15mm
Stripping length Max. 100mm
Air supply 3-7kg
Weight 24kg
Size 450*400*250mm