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Precision Soldering Solutions: TKS Industries USB Soldering Machines


Welcome to TKS Industries, where innovation meets precision in soldering technology. Our Automatic and Semi-Automatic Soldering Machines are designed to increase efficiency, accuracy, and reliability in the soldering processes, ensuring impeccable solder joints for your electronic components.

Our Range of Soldering Machines

Semi Automatic Soldering Machine

Full Automatic USB Soldering Machine

Why Choose TKS Industries?

Innovation: Stay ahead in soldering technology with our innovative solutions, incorporating the latest advancements for superior performance.

Reliability: TKS Industries is synonymous with reliability. Our Soldering Machines are built to deliver consistent and reliable results, ensuring the integrity of your electronic components.

Expert Support: Benefit from our expert support team, ready to assist you in maximizing the capabilities of your soldering equipment.

Elevate your soldering processes to new heights with TKS Industries’ Automatic and Semi-Automatic Soldering Machines. Contact us today to explore how our precision solutions can enhance the efficiency and accuracy of your soldering operations.