TKS Industries 9 Scrap Cable Stripping Machines

Get better efficiency with TKS Industries Scrap Cable Stripping Machines

Welcome to TKS Industries, the pioneers of innovation in cable processing solutions. Our Waste/Scrap Cable Stripping Machines are meticulously engineered to increase efficiency, accuracy, and reliability in the cable industry. From basic cable stripping to intricate operations, our machines are designed to meet and exceed your expectations.

Our Range of Cable Stripping Machines

TKS-812 Waste Cable stripping machine

TKS-86 Waste Cable stripping machine

TKS-82 Waste Cable stripping machine

Why Choose TKS Industries?

Innovation: TKS Industries leads in cable processing innovation, incorporating the latest technological advancements for superior stripping performance.

Reliability: Our Cable Stripping Machines are most reliability. Built for consistency, they ensure the high quality stripping for all wires and cables.

Custom Solutions: Benefit from our ability to provide custom cable stripping solutions, meeting the unique requirements of your cable processing operations.

Upgrade your cable processing efficiency with our Cable Stripping Machines. Contact us today to explore how our advanced technology can enhance the precision and speed of your cable stripping operations.