TKS Industries 9 Bunching Machines

Increase Cable Production with TKS Industries Bunching Machines

  Welcome to TKS Industries, where cutting-edge technology meets the demands of wire manufacturing. Our Bunching Machines are engineered to increase the efficiency, speed and precision of bunching processes. Boost your production output without compromising on quality.

Our Range of Bunching Machines

Bunching Machine (300mm)

Bunching Machine (500mm)

Bunching Machine (650mm)

Why Choose TKS Industries?

Innovation: Stay at the forefront of cable manufacturing technology with our innovative bunching solutions, incorporating the latest advancements for superior production.

Reliability: TKS Industries is known for reliability. Our Bunching Machines are built to deliver consistent and reliable results, ensuring the integrity of your existing setup.

Tailored Solutions: Benefit from our ability to provide tailored bunching solutions, meeting the unique requirements of your wire production processes.

Upgrade your wire manufacturing with our Bunching Machines. Contact us today to explore how our advanced technology can enhance the efficiency and precision of your wire production.