TKS-86 Waste Cable stripping machine

(double rollers, double knives, six knives)

TKS Industries 9 Scrap Cable Stripping Machines 9 TKS-86 Scrap Cable stripping machine

Scrap Cable stripping machine

This model is designed with double sticks and double knives. For all waste wires and cables with relatively thick diameters, the upper and lower knives can cut the plastic skin at the same time. After being rolled by the roller, the wire core and wire skin are automatically separated. Reduces manual labor and improves output. This machine can peel off rubber-coated copper and aluminum wires and cables, and can automatically loosen wires, and single-core wires can automatically spin out. The equipment has stable performance, is easy to use, easy to operate, highly practical and cost-effective.

Wire stripping range 1-65mm
Power 3KW
Voltage 220/380V Power
Volume length 680×width 580×height 840
Weight 110KG
Daily output 400-1000KG