Discover Our Comprehensive Range of Industry-Leading Services

At TKS Industries, we pride ourselves on being a leading design, engineering, and industrial manufacturing company specializing in cutting-edge machinery for the cable and wire industry. Our commitment extends beyond delivering top-notch machines — we prioritize ensuring the longevity, efficiency, and optimal performance of our machines through our comprehensive service offerings. Our Expert Service Team: Our well-equipped service team is dedicated to providing complete field service for all machines used in the wire and cable industry. From Wire Drawing Machines to Wire Extrusion Line Vertical Injection Molding Machines, Crimping Machines, Wire Cutting Stripping Machines, LED Machines, Testers, Cord Binding, and Winding machines etc, we offer a one-stop solution for all your service needs. Excellence in Troubleshooting: Our highly skilled service team is expert in troubleshooting both electrical and mechanical systems. We pride ourselves on our ability to identify issues from symptoms to root causes, implementing corrective actions efficiently. This expertise, coupled with the current shortage of skilled workers in manufacturing maintenance, enables our customers to reduce maintenance costs while meeting production demands.

Service Offerings:

Machine Calibration Optimization Service: After years of machine use, recalibration is essential for optimum production and quality. Our team ensures your machines are fine-tuned to meet the highest standards.

Comprehensive Machine Services: We offer a range of services, including calibration, installation, maintenance, and after-sales support. Our commitment to safety includes identifying weaknesses in machines and parts.

Preventative Maintenance Services: Our team facilitates semi-annual or annual preventative maintenance programs, including machine reliability analysis, mechanical and electrical checks, safety verification, barrel and screw inspections, and recommendations for corrective action. This proactive approach extends the life of your investments, enhances machinery availability, and reduces overall costs.

Service Against Reported Calls: Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, our team is ready to address any reported issues promptly. With a ready stock of most spare parts, we ensure swift and effective service solutions for our customers.

At TKS Industries, we go beyond providing machinery — we ensure your operations run smoothly with our dedicated service solutions. Trust us for excellence in design, manufacturing, and ongoing support.