TKS Industries 9 Mute Terminal Crimping Machine

Mute Terminal Crimping Machine

Mute terminal model ultra-quiet terminal machine, using high-tech frequency conversion technology; electronic accurate positioning; motor working noise is smaller than traditional terminal machine when crimping, and power saving; mold adjustment is more convenient and faster; avoid traditional terminal clutch, electromagnet And other common faults!
1) Replaceable direct delivery mold, cross feeding mold, single terminal mold
2) The voltage is stable and the speed is high.
3) Computer terminal DC terminal Single terminal With terminal
4) Lightweight structure Easy to move the workplace, the operation sound is small
5) Support to use OTP mould, 2000style mould, single terminal mould

Technical Specifications and Parameters

Technical Index Tech-Parameters
Punching force 2T
Pressure of air source 0.5~0.4MPA (clean air)
Motor power 0.75KW
Working Voltage 200~240V 50/60HZ
Trip 30mm
Working Efficiency 1000~2500Pcs/H depends on manual
Machine Dimensions(L*W*H) 275*225*670mm
Machine Weight 45 Kg