TKS Industries 9 Semi-Automatic Winding and Binding Machine

Tie Binding Winding Machine

Winding machine with PLC program control, through the front panel text display can be quickly and easily set the production process parameters. You can set the number of windings, tie length, tie the number of coils, the target output, and production statistics can be automatically generated, the operation is simple and easy to understand. The device uses plastic coated core wire, suitable for a variety of AC / DC power cord, video signal lines, network cable, data cable, headphone cable and other types of transmission lines tied into a bunch of work. Staff first wire wound on the winding plate, and then remove the winding wire harness will be placed in the binding machine mouth, the machine automatically complete 1 second tie work. The machine with a high efficiency, low labor costs, reduce staff work intensity, low noise and other environmental protection and a series of advantages.
Winding shape circle / 8 shape
Winding OD 5-20cm, support customized
Winding Coil number can be adjustable
Binding OD φ5-50mm
Binding wire Coil number can be adjustable (suggest 3 circles)
Ribbon type metal core with plastic skin
Weight 31KG
Dimension(mm) 580X650X400mm
Safeguard Fuse, fault equipment alarm shutdown function
Voltage AC 220V, 50HZ/60HZ
Speed 2~8 loop/s
Power 500W