Technical Specifications and Parameters

Advanced Functions Programable sequence tests,Auto Searching,Self Diagnosis,Self Reset
OS Chinese/English
Scanning Mode Auto/Manual Switchable
Measurement points 64PIN
The system adopts advanced four-wire measurement, and the short-circuit judgment value is minimum 200Ω.
High voltage (leakage current) test 100~700V
High voltage insulation test  200~1000V
Display/Alarm 320×240 dpi graphic LED display Pass/Fail LED/Screen Display/Alarm
Measurement Connection 256 Test Points(other model for Optional)
Hipot Calibration +/- Output
Auto Pin Search Jack 
Front Panel Button Sys key/Fast key/Edit key/function Key
Power Supply 115/230 Vac ±10%, 50Hz
Accessories  Power Cord
Auto Pin Search Probe, Fixture Cable
Temperature/Humidity 15°C ~ 35°C, RH≦75%
Dimension (WxHxD) 455*190*350
NET.Weight Around 14Kg (W/O Fixture)
Cable Request Max. 1μF

Universal Data Cable Tester

  • The system provides Chinese/English free switching interface.
  • Boot self-diagnosis, self-correction
  • The system has automatic scanning and automatic point finding function
  • The system provides advanced instantaneous short circuit and continuity test
  • Can be used for wire unilateral, standard, multi-segment and point test function test
    Maximum AC1000V, DC1500V test voltage
  • The system adopts advanced four-wire measurement, and the short-circuit judgment value is minimum 200Ω.
  • Provide LCR meter module for precision measurement analysis
  • Bad judgment is more accurate, and the test speed is doubled compared with traditional similar products.
  • Provide 320*240 full Chinese/English large screen graphic LCD display
  • Linear conduction and safety and component testing are available
  • Fully programmable continuous test
  • Provide a variety of interfaces for a variety of different applications
  • The system provides statistics and printing functions and provides statistical analysis of good and bad products.
 Item Symbal Test Range
Resistance R 0.1Ω~5MΩ
Capacitance C 10pF~500μF
Insulation Resistance I.R 1MΩ~1000MΩ
Diode D 0.0V~7.0V
Conductance COND 0.001Ω~50Ω
Direct current leakage IL 0.1μA~1000μA
High voltage current leakage IL 0.1mA~10mA
DC Insulation IR 0.1MΩ ~ 1000MΩ
Measuring Frequency and signal / voltage uA 100~100KHz,1VAC
Open/Short O/S 1KΩ~100KΩ
Intermittent O/S 200Ω ~ 50KΩ
Intermittent Cond. 50mΩ~10Ω
Low voltage measurement signal 5VDC,50mA Aax, ±0.5%