TKS Industries 9 Bunching Machines 9 High Speed Triple Twist Bunching Machine

Triple Twist Buncher

Explore the top cable manufacturing precision with our Triple Twist Bunching Machine at TKS Industries. This high-speed advanced machine is designed to intricately pair insulated wires, specifically tailored for communication cables. Whether you’re manufacturing LAN cables, data cables, signal cables, or instrumentation cables, our Triple Twist Bunching Machine ensures unparalleled accuracy and reliability, setting new standards in cable production.

Equipment components:

  1. Out driven pay-off machine
  2. Single twist back-twist machine
  3. Pair-twist machine
  4. Control cabinet

Performances and applications: Suitable for pair-twist cable cat5e, cat6A , cat7, data wire, communication wire etc. Automatically set back-twist rate from 0-100% according to wire material requirement. It can make wire material reach cat5e, cat6A, cat7 series requirements; and the speed increases above 50% compared with the traditional pair-twist machine.

Model No. TKS-T500
Bow speed 2000rpm (6000Twist)
Line speed 2%
Line speed 3-1.max.150m/min
Back-twist ratio 0 – 100%