TKS Industries 9 Wire Cutting and Stripping Machines 9 Sleeve Tube Cutting Machine

Sleeve Tube Cutting Machine

Boost Productivity with Our Sleeve Tube Cutting Machine

Introducing TKS Industries Sleeve Tube Cutting Machine, a cutting-edge solution designed to enhance efficiency in your production processes. Our machine is equipped with advanced features that not only save labor costs but also elevate the speed and precision of sleeve tube cutting.


  1. High-speed feeding and high-speed cutting, saving labor costs and improving production.
  2. The length and cutting speed are adjustable.
  3. Automatic batch accumulation and total accumulation count.
  4. Batch pause and delay time can be set.
Cutting accuracy 1mm
Cutting length 1-9999mm adjustable
Cutting speed 0-99 adjustable
Available cutting width 1-90mm
Power supply AC220V 50/60HZ, 400W
Function sleeve, cable, flat cable
Net Weight 27kg
Machine Size 410×350×320 mm
Packing Size 550*430*420mm