TKS Industries 9 Vertical Injection Insert Molding Machines 9 Vertical Injection Molding Machine 35 Ton

Vertical Injection Molding Machine 35 Ton

Vertical Injection Moulding Machine Functional Advantages:

  • Vertical clamping mode vertical injection design, more convenient for injection molding of inserts and removal of finished products
  • It can expand the computer program and connect with the embedded and embedded automation equipment to realize fully automatic production.
  • The injection device adopts a two-cylinder balanced injection system, and the injection is stable and powerful
  • Multi-stage temperature control for improved product quality stability
  • It adopts direct pressure type mother-type clamping cylinder design, which can quickly lock mold and low pressure slow speed mold. When the mold is abnormal, it will automatically open the mold safely to protect the mold.
  • Equipped with ejector device to facilitate the removal of finished products and save production time
  • According to the injection molding characteristics of engineering plastics, special machine weight, high injection pressure and fast rate of fire are adopted. Convenient thin part injection molding
  • Optional alloy screw according to engineering plastic characteristics
  • It can be equipped with screw with large L/D aspect ratio design, which is more suitable for special engineering plastic injection molding.
  • Equipped with dual-proportional computer control for easy operation and precise and smooth injection molding
  • Equipped with automatic safety warning system for easy troubleshooting
Screw Diameter 32 mm
Injection Pressure 1367 kgf/cm2
Injection Capacity 96 cm3
Injection Weight (P.S) 110 gm/ oz
Injection Rate 59 cc/s
Screw Speed 0-150 r.p.m
Screw Stroke 120 mm
Nozzle Stroke 200 mm
Nozzle Contact Force 2.4 tf
Clamping System Hydraulic
Clamping Force 35 Ton
Clamping Stroke 215 mm
Max. Mould Space 360 mm
Min. Mould Height 145 mm
Space Between Columns(mm) 420×220 mm
Drive Motor (kw) 5.5 (7.5 HP) Kw
Heater(kw) 3.3 Kw
Dimension Of Machine(m) 1.25(L) x 1.0(W) x 2.9 (H)
Weight Of Machine(t) 0.9
Oil Tank Capacity(l) 160 L
Cooling Water (l/hr) 500-700 L/Hr