TKS Industries 9 Soldering Machines 9 full automatic USB soldering machine

Full Automatic USB Soldering Machine

Revolutionize Soldering Efficiency with Our Full Automatic USB Soldering Machine

Experience a new era of efficiency in soldering technology with TKS Industries’ Full Automatic USB Soldering Machine. Designed for high productivity, this machine streamlines the soldering process for wire cable port connections with USB terminals, offering unparalleled speed and precision.

Key Features:

  1. High efficiency.
    Wire cable port solder with USB terminal automatically by machine. The worker insert the separate cable on the machine, then machine straighten cables, cutting cable, striping cable, dipping tin, and unloading materials automatic.
  2. High Yield.
    Accurate solder tin on USB terminal, with thermostatic control mode solder by machine which make high yield.
  3. Reduce production cost.
    600pcs~1100pcs/hour singel side. One machine can replace equally 3~4 workers, Cut down much labor cost.
  4. Application range (Different machine model ):
    USB A male, USB A female, micro USB, MINI USB, DC terminal, iphone connector and other customized products more than single welds.

Air source pressure 0.5—0.8MPA
Apply to USB,mini USB, micro usb,type c, iphone wire to connector soldering
Drive Mode Pneumatic
Temperature Control Mode Thermostatic (Zones)
Welding Angle  90°
Inner Stripping Length 2~10mm
Working Voltage 220V/ 50HZ
Working Efficiency 600~1100Pcs/H
Machine Dimensions(L*W*H) 1.15×0.80×1.15M
Machine Weight 160 Kg