Power Cord Test Machine


1. High quality component, modular design easy operate.
2.Accuracy test, enhance 30% test speed compared with the other DC plus tester.
3.Test cable type: single or double port for option
4.Save labor cost and improved output.
5.Automatic push out the qualify cable, and locking the defective product.
6. Software and hardware can be customized.
7.Test fixture tool can be customized by clients requirement, price depends.

Polarity Break over, short circuit, open circuit, dislocation
Leakage current Setting Range:0.5, 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 5.0, 10mA
Internal High-Voltage Output 0—5KV(500VA) Adjustable
External High-Voltage Output 0—5KV(500VA) Adjustable
Operating Voltage 220VAC 12A 50\60 HZ
Voltmeter High-voltage range:0-5KV
Resolution:0.5 level
Insulation Voltage Output Voltage:DC500V
Insulation resistance Range:2,7,20,50,100,200MΩ
Resolution:0.5 level
Voltage withstand time Timing Range:0.1-99.9/S
Min time for item measuring:0.3S
Wire sensitivity >10pF
Barometric Pressure <4 Kgf/cm2
OK Product Automatic printing and push out, counting, and indicator ON
NG Product Automatic model locking, counting,indictor ON and buzzer ringing
Size and Weight (W)730*(D)530*(H)500 (mm),
Weight: 80KG
Other Functions Automatic cutting, defective products and alarmed with voice prompt and light
 safeguard electric leakage, Short circuit ,overheating