TKS Industries 9 Laser Marking Machines 9 UV Laser Marking Machine


Materials Suitable for Marking:
Ideal for marking on gold, silver, stainless steel, ceramics, plastic, glass, stone, leather, cloth, bamboo, and more. Applicable for auto accessories, tobacco products, beer bottles, rings, electronic products, and other diverse materials.

Key Features:

  1. Long Working Life: Enjoy a lifespan of 100,000 hours, coupled with high-speed galvanometer functionality.
  2. Compact and Lightweight: The machine features a small volume and is lightweight, enhancing portability and installation convenience.
  3. Low Power Consumption: Operate efficiently with low power consumption, using less than 5W of power.
  4. Air Cooling System: Fully air-cooled, ensuring optimal performance with low energy consumption.
  5. Versatile Power Options: Can be powered using a battery or a car cigarette lighter if no direct power source is available.
  6. Environmental Resilience: Unaffected by severe environmental conditions and temperature changes.
  7. Cost-Effective: Significantly reduces depreciation costs, making it ideal for stable large-quality production.
  8. High-Quality Marking: Produces clean and colorful graphics on the surface of various materials.
Laser Source JPT-5E
Fild Lens Wavelength (150mm)
Galvanometer ZBTK
Card Jinchengzi (With Rotating Function)
Display AOC
Computer Yanxiang (English System)
Table Dark Blue Body and White door
Power 3W/5W/10W
Other Function With Water Cooler
Power Supply 220V/50Hz/10A