Wire Terminal Tensile Tester

Ensure Quality with Our Wire Terminal Tensile Tester

TKS Industries presents the Wire Terminal Tensile Tester, a powerful machine designed to guarantee the quality and durability of wire terminals. This tester is equipped with advanced features that set a new standard in tensile testing technology.
1. Using 0-100KG tension sensor.
2. The LCD screen shows the peak value.
3. Quick terminal chuck, cam type wire clamping mechanism.
4. After the test is completed, it will automatically return to zero and return to position automatically.

Maximum force ≤100KG
Size L430 * W180 * H210 (mm)
Slot size max 5mm
Display mode: touch screen display, touch operation
Voltage AC220V 50/60HZ
Power 0.1KW
Testing accuracy ± 0.04KG
Displacement display 0.01mm
Division value 2N
Precision ±0.5%
Machine weight: 10kg