TKS Industries 9 cat 6/7 LAN Cable Extrusion Line

LAN Cable Extrusion Line

Setting up a Cat 6/7 LAN cable manufacturing plant demands a sophisticated machinery setup to ensure the production of top-notch cables. This Plant Includes a 50+35 Extrusion line with active Payoff and preheater, Double Twist Bunchers with Back Twist, Tripple Twist Bunchers with 100% Backtwist, 800mm Laying machines for pairs & cross separator and 70 mm extruder line.
Here’s an insight into the essential machines vital for crafting high-quality LAN cables:

Our Range of Soldering Machines

50+35 Mm Extruder Line

Triple Twist Buncher With Back Twist

70 Mm Extruder Line

800mm Laying Machine For Pairs & Cross Separator

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